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Our Recruitment Process

The application form

The application form is your opportunity to tell us about your interests and achievements, and your career rationale – why you are interested in law and in HFW/our sectors. 

View the application form as a chance to sell yourself – what skills have you already developed that would help you to hit the ground running as a solicitor? Why would you be suited to life at an international law firm? We receive lots of applications each year, the strongest ones are underpinned by thorough research, plenty of evidence (rather than broad-brush statements), and a genuine passion for law and the work that we do. 

We also use the application form to form a view on your written communication skills (spelling, punctuation and grammar) and your research skills so invest time in researching the firm, and in proof reading your application.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis so to give yourself the best possible chance avoid leaving your application to the last minute, or applying very close to the deadline.

You will need to include: 

How can I stand out?

Can I obtain feedback on my application?

Due to the volume of applications that we receive we are unable to provide specific feedback on your application form.

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