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A Day in the Life of an HFW Trainee

Rebekah Halkett



I arrive at my desk to drop off a few things before heading over to meet some of the team at a nearby insurer. Our client is looking to acquire the insurer's casualty portfolio and we are engaged to carry out an onsite claims review of the portfolio.


I arrive at the insurer's offices a little early and wait in the building's reception area for the rest of the team. I am not waiting long before they arrive and we head up to to meet the target's representatives. Upon arrival, we are taken to an allocated meeting room which is set up with several laptops and an Ipad-powered coffee station. Inspired by the set-up, I grab myself a vanilla latte.


Following a short brief from the target's representatives, the team agrees to split out various tasks. Myself and two associates agree to review the 150 sample claims and document our findings in the client's review forms. The client's representatives agree to review the more complex reinsurance claims and the lead partner agrees to review the documents in the data room.


We stop for a quick break with the client's representatives to discuss any issues spotted. I recall a couple of matters where the financials do not add up and where the reserves are too low for the potential value of the claim. The client's representatives take a note of these claims to feed back to their US colleagues.


The target's office manager comes in with an array of sandwiches, drinks and snacks. I politely wait to see if anyone else is, like me, also starving and ready to dive in. Fortunately, the team are all on the same page and we stop for lunch.


While eating my lunch, I check my emails on my phone to see if anything important has come in. I am currently working on another matter that is coming up for trial, so there are a lot of last minute preparations to do. The senior associate on the matter has asked me to cross-reference certain documents with the trial bundles. I advise her that I am out of the office until 6pm, but will assist as soon as I am back.


I grab myself another latte and continue with my claims review.


We stop for the day and have a quick de-brief with the client's representatives. As there are still a lot of claims to review, we agree to come in earlier tomorrow morning. I walk back to the office with the two associates.


I make my way to my desk to check my emails. The lead partner on the claims review has allocated further tasks based his review of the data room. As we have a report on the claims review due by the end of next week, I am in charge of summarising a few reports in the data room and pulling together the different sections (as allocated to the team) of our report to the client. I diarise to complete these tasks later in the week.


I quickly speak to the senior associate on the case that is coming up for trial to check I understand the task she has set. This is a big case with lots of documents and bundles, so I do not want to waste any time by making a mistake.


I finish cross-referencing the documents and scan them in to the system. I email the PDFs to the senior associate ready to send to Counsel and pop into her office to ask if she needs help with anything else. She thanks me for staying later than usual and insists I get a taxi home.

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