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A Day in the Life of an HFW Trainee

Rhys Durbin

Fraud and Insolvency


I arrive at the office, catch up with my supervisor and login to my computer. I load up our time recording software and read the emails that have come through overnight.


We have received a letter from the other side on one of our matters. I discuss this with my supervisor (who is the partner in charge of the matter) and then send it with our comments to the clients for their review.


My supervisor has a call with a potential new client and I am asked to sit in to take an attendance note. It sounds like it could be an interesting case and, after the call, my supervisor and I discuss the prospective issues. I am asked to liaise with the firm's Risk & Compliance team to carry out the necessary client and conflict checks.


A senior associate asks me to come into his office to discuss an issue that has arisen on one of our matters. I make sure to grab my notebook and then head over to his office. He explains the background and asks me to carry out some research on a discrete point of insolvency law. I head back to my desk to look through the various legal resources and prepare a memo setting out my findings.


I head down for lunch at the firm's canteen with a few of the other trainees. We each need to put in preferences for our next seat soon, so it is interesting to hear what they are all working on!


When I get back to my desk I see that the conflict check for the new matter has come back clear. I draft the client care letter and send it to my supervisor to review.


We have a directions hearing coming up on one of our matters so I am asked to begin pulling together the bundle. I draft the index and send it to the associate to check before collating all of the relevant documents. Luckily, the bundle is not that large and one of the team administrators is available to help. We soon get all of the documents printed and organised into folders. One set needs to go to counsel so I liaise with the post room to get this couriered to chambers.


I make sure all my time has been recorded and fill in the narratives for each entry. My supervisor is meeting a client this evening and I am able to get out relatively early. I bump into a couple of the trainees at the lifts and we decide to go for a drink at a local pub.

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