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A Global career


Sarah Desforges

For the second seat of my training contract I was offered the opportunity to assist the Insurance department in the Dubai office. I was given a great deal of responsibility from the start. I learned a lot about KSA regulatory rules and company law. It was a world away from the logical and detailed English statutes I was used to. I also had the opportunity to study Dubai, UAE, Omani and Kuwaiti law, since Dubai is a key hub for most Middle-East related legal services.

I greatly enjoyed working in the Insurance department and got along very well with everyone on my team. I was also lucky to be seconded to Dubai with another fellow HFW trainee; she and I became very close over the course of our seat. The Dubai office manager took very good care of us while we were in Dubai. I was truly touched by the attention that they took in making sure we were comfortable and felt at home.

Living in Dubai felt like living in a bubble – it's amazing how quickly you can get used to sipping champagne at the Waldorf Astoria on a Saturday morning and heading to the beach afterwards. I would highly recommend seizing the opportunity to learn to skydive in Dubai as the school is top notch and the dropzone is in the desert – just make sure you don't accidently land on a camel!

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