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A Global career


Anna Bella Inglesi

For my second seat, I was seconded to HFW's Piraeus office. I was formally part of the English-law Shipping Litigation team but had the opportunity to assist the Shipping Finance team, which enhanced my understanding of the work done by the firm across different practice areas. It was certainly a unique learning experience with a great deal of responsibility. First week in the office and I was asked to assist with drafting witness statements!

Piraeus constitutes a key hub for the shipping industry and my seat reflected this. The majority of clients, Registries, P&I Clubs are all located just around the corner! Athens itself is a vibrant city and has a lot to offer: from museums and cultural sites, to traditional Greek restaurants ("tavernas") and amazing beaches. I would highly recommend seizing the opportunity to visit as many islands as you can during the weekends! There are many beautiful islands just two hours away from the office and the weather is always great!

I would definitely recommend the Piraeus seat to anyone, especially those interested in understanding how the shipping industry operates. Working within a small team will allow you to take more responsibility and exposure to the work carried out by the firm.

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